Cloud Computing

Stay Competitive & Innovative with Sustainable Cloud Solutions

Enterprises cannot function in isolation. We shall work with you to deploy on-demand cloud services and solutions to improve collaboration amongst your business partners, employees and customers. We intend to design tailored cloud solutions that allow our customers to transform their company into a cloud-first business.



ServiceNow’s products help you create unified enterprise IT, making the working processes of your IT management more systematic. We work with you to implement and integrate these products and design applications to eliminate your dependencies and streamline your organisation-wide service management.



Using Azure as your cloud platform, you can deploy and manage services and applications from anywhere by adding cloud capabilities to your existing network. With our holistic set of cloud services, as well as expertise in building innovative solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform, we help you get the most from Azure.



We help you understand the various remote computing services of AWS Cloud Infrastructure and deploy the one best suited to your needs. We work with you to choose from a wide range of business-purpose, cloud-based products for storage, analytics, networking and development tools to accelerate your digital business.

Mobile Development

Engage Users, Initiate Buying Actions & Distinguish Yourself with Mobile Solutions

Using agile transformation and our deep expertise in building, testing and deploying mobile apps, we cover end-to-end development – from business analysis and UI/UX design to testing and deployment. We can help you roll out your mobile initiative, across verticals, platforms, devices, and technologies, with native or cross-platform functionality. Using a library of pre-built or custom components, and by leveraging the adaptable and powerful cross-platform mobile development frameworks, we also create apps for multiple technologies and platforms.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Collaborative Development with IT Specialists
  • App of Your Choice: Standard or Custom-built
  • Quick & Easy Version Upgrades
  • Flexible & Future-Proof Solutions
  • Re-Usable Components for Shorter Time to Market

Full Stack Development

Creating Attractive Solutions to Fulfill Business Needs & Enhance Performance

With immense experience of working on different frameworks and advanced technologies, we ensure that you get all your required services under one roof, be it UI & UX strategy, DevOps services, web development stack, app and system integration, modern agile, or cost-effective web solution. Our solutions fulfil not only application-level functionality requirements, but also address deeper foundational requirements such as scalability, latency and throughput.

Front-end Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript libraries Angular.js, Vue.js, React.js

Back-end Development

Node.js, Express JS, Python with Django, PHP


No-SQL: MongoDB
Relational: MySQL, PostgreSQL SQL Server

DevOps Tools

Maven, Jenkins, Continuum


Enabling Connected Devices to Enhance the Way People Live & Work—Securely & Safely

From sensors to cloud, there is enormous data being created, collected and stored every second. This data can be used to make your business efficient. With devices that can communicate and using Cloud for this software-hardware integration, we can create meaningful ways in which IoT can help you realize the full potential of digitization. We enable your company to connect data from any device, mobile app, sensor or website, and use it for actionable insights, better customer experiences and improved security.

  • Design Context-Aware, High Quality, Scalable IoT Solutions
  • Use Cloud Computing Resources to Ingest the Big Data
  • Seamless Integration with External Systems
  • Enhance Asset Tracking & Utilization
  • Reduce Human Involvement, Promote Automation, Save Costs
  • Improve Decision Making with Real-Time Insights
  • Fast Vertical & Horizontal Scale-Up
  • Monitor & Enhance Process Efficiency

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